Cherry Liqueur

Cherry Liqueur

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This is for all those who love cherries as much as we do. The Ceravolo family is renowned for pristine and luscious cherries grown in the Adelaide Hills. For many South Australians, their glossy fruit plays a treasured role in Christmas holiday traditions. It’s that magic that has inspired our own modern take on a Cherry Liqueur.

And in keeping with our ethos, we used beautiful freshly picked cherries that didn’t quite make the Ceravolo cut for December’s exacting presentation standards for our distilling. This fruit was macerated in pure double distilled grape spirit for four months, extracting the vibrancy of fresh red cherries in a liqueur that is literally bursting with flavour.

Delicious over ice with a twist of lemon or used in any cocktail to build a cherry profile. It also works extremely well in desserts.

This small-batch limited release is hand-blended, hand-pumped, hand-labeled, bottled, and waxed.

Available in:

500ml bottle
(Alc/Vol 20%)

Product of South Australia

  •   Limited Edition of 200