Plum & Hibiscus Gin

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This is a delicate, small batch, floral gin with a slightly sweet finish, a nod to delicate Mediterranean desserts often laced with stone fruit, rose and a dusting of icing sugar. Homegrown blood plums and ‘Ooray’ (Davidson Plums) from Kaurna country are perfumed with top floral notes of Hibiscus flowers, lavender and rose petals gathered fresh from the family garden.

The taste of summer flowers was captured with a vapour basket filled to the brim with lavender, rose petals and Hibiscus blooms. In the pot, plums and sweet sun drenched local oranges support the delicacy of floral notes. The slightest of pink blush is from an addition of macerated plums and hibiscus flowers.

Intriguing, with a very light floral perfume, this gin transports you to the Western Mediterranean coastline, think Turkish Delight, while simultaneously celebrating what is local and uniquely South Australian.


We think it’s best enjoyed topped with a quality Soda for a long refreshing drink. For those who love their gin neat or on the rocks, this is a superb sipping gin. In either case, we encourage you to garnish with the rose petal.

Available in

500ml limited edition bottles
50ml glass phials 

(Alc/Vol 42%) 

Product of South Australia

  •   Limited Edition of 60