Rosé Vermouth

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The Semillon and Shiraz were selected from vineyards on the Fleurieu Peninsula, grown and picked with quality in mind. Ideal as the basis for our Vermouth as both varieties show classic varietal style and flavour, has lively fruit-driven character and finish dry.

This Vermouth is all about balancing the botanicals abundantly available in the gardens and hills around us..

A carefully curated selection of 11 Botanicals are combined to build a uniquely flavoured Vermouth, reflecting the beauty of the South Australian landscape. These include Wormwood, Bay Leaves, Rosemary and Lavender. All 11  Botanicals are macerated in South Australian premium wine, then fortified to strengthen the Vermouth to hold its flavours and to compliment spirits in a Martini or a Negroni.


Neat: over ice as an aperitif or a digestive.

Martini: Add a dash to your favourite Gin or Vodka Martini.

Negroni: Add an equal part of our Full Circle Vermouth to your Full Circle Gin, and Full Circle Red Amaro to complete an artisanal Negroni, made with all Full Circle Spirits. Garnish with a twist of Orange.

Available in

500ml limited edition bottles
50ml glass phials 

(Alc/Vol 20%) 

  •   Limited Edition of 60