Lemon & Thyme Gin

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This is the perfect gin for a G&T, celebrating flavours that are naturally found in South Australia's Mediterranean-like climate. You’ll experience a delicate balance of savoury notes from local herbs including fresh thyme from the garden, and of course, Riverland citrus that heroes and balances out the palate. 

Full of flavour, clean and bright, it’s a small batch, sundrenched spirit that brings our lifelong love affair with lemons full circle.

Our passion for lemons inspired our botanical selections, as did its award-winning doppelganger, Full Circle’s Lemon Flower Gin. 

Available in:

700ml bottle (Alc/Vol 42%) 

Product of South Australia

  •   Small Batch

Make: Lemon Thyme Gin & Tonic

The most beloved gin cocktail is the classic gin & tonic, a pairing of the bitter with the sweet. That said, there’s a world of choice, and your “ultimate” gin and tonic will be a matter of personal choice arrived at through tasting adventure and research. The journey to perfection is half of the fun! 

When a tonic is mixed with your gin of choice, it can reintroduce flavour components almost like the reunion between old friends. Spices are restored, roots rekindled and botanicals reanimated. When it comes to our Lemon & Thyme Gin, of the numerous botanicals selected by Rose, you’ll find the fab four, plus bay leaf, lavender flower with thyme and lush Riverland lemons as heroes. 

They say for every gin, and every gin lover, there is a perfect tonic soulmate. We’ve found that to be true with Australia's Capi Dry Tonic. Aligned on sustainability, lower in sugar, not overbearing in quinine, it accentuates, rather than dominates the flavour profile of our gin.


30mL Lemon & Thyme Gin
Capi Dry Tonic - served chilled
1/2 sprig fresh thyme
Slice of very fresh lemon


Fill a chilled glass of choice with fresh ice
Pour 30mL of Lemon & Thyme Gin
Top up with 180mL of Capi Dry Tonic
Garnish with 1/2 sprig fresh thyme
Slice a cheek of lemon & squeeze
Be generous with your lemon!
The citrus oil lifts the gin’s lemon & thyme