Honey Malt Liqueur

Honey Malt Liqueur

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Our Honey Malt Liqueur is an exuberant celebration of honey and spice distilled from a rich complex malt spirit. It’s infused with local organic honey, vanilla bean, orange peel, and cinnamon before resting in French Oak to extract sweet, complex woody notes.

Think of a contemporised Drambuie. Sweet, viscous, and alluring. Straight up, on the rocks, in an Affogato or Rusty Nail; it is perfect after dinner or after anything.

Another beautiful small batch offering bottled by hand in a limited edition.

Available in:

500ml bottles (Alc/Vol 20%)

Important note: Our beautiful all-natural, Honey Malt Liqueur must be stored in a cool location and kept refrigerated (between 0-4 degrees) once opened.

Product of South Australia

  •   Limited Edition of 60