Scorched Fig Liqueur

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Our Scorched Fig Liqueur is the result of a collaboration between Full Circle Spirits and The Enchanted Fig Tree on Kangaroo Island. Made with organic figs grown on Kangaroo Island, this unique liqueur captures the essence of the island’s landscape and truly encompasses the spirit of Kangaroo Island in a bottle. 

Our Scorched Fig Liqueur is a rich and complex liqueur with a deep amber colour. On the nose, it offers aromas of caramelized figs, honey, and spices. The palate is smooth and silky, with a luscious sweetness of conserve fig. Notes of roasted nuts, vanilla, and oak provide a long and satisfying finish. Enjoy neat, on the rocks, or mixed into your favourite cocktail.

500ml bottle
50ml glass phial
(Alc/Vol 20%)

Read more about the collaboration below 

  •   Limited Edition of 300

The Inspiration Behind the Collaboration

Our Scorched Fig Liqueur is a result of a unique collaboration between Full Circle Spirits, and The Enchanted Fig Tree, a beloved living venue on Kangaroo Island. The idea was born out of a shared passion for creating something truly unique that would capture the essence of the enchanting Kangaroo Island landscape.

The liqueur was made with organic figs, picked from The Enchanted Fig Tree and then scorched over heat to release their full flavor. The figs are then combined with Kangaroo Island honey to create a rich and opulent fig conserve flavour with notes of honey, buttered toast, and a long viscous finish.

The Enchanted Fig Tree itself is a magical living venue located on Kangaroo Island that has been lovingly restored and transformed into an unforgettable destination for events and experiences. The venue is home to a stunning 100-year-old fig tree that has been lovingly cared for and nurtured, resulting in a magical and enchanted environment.

The collaboration really focused on our commitment to treading lightly on the earth and making a positive impact on the communities around us. As custodians of the land, we have a choice and responsibility to design, invest in, and encourage low-impact and regenerative practices that protect our life-sustaining systems for generations to come. This is especially important after the devastating impact of the 2020 Australian bushfires on Kangaroo Island and its communities.

About The Makers

Rose Kentish, founder of Full Circle Spirits, has spent years perfecting the art of distilling, using locally sourced, organic ingredients to create unique and delicious spirits. Her passion for quality and sustainability is evident in every bottle. Nick Hannaford of the Enchanted Fig Tree, is an experienced chef and hospitality professional with a deep appreciation for Kangaroo Island's natural beauty and local produce. Together, Rose and Nick have created a truly magical and collaborative experience with Scorched Fig Liqueur, a testament to their shared values and commitment to sustainable, community-driven practices.