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Ships week beginning 16 May 2022

South Australia is justifiably proud of its plentiful, luscious lemons, and for those who, (like us) really love lemons, this liqueur is our ode to their joys. It really is perfect icy cold as an after-dinner treat.

We’ve used fresh organic lemons hand-picked from the gardens of family and friends in the Adelaide Hills. Flavours are balanced on the palate - a rush of lemon acidity, lemon curd with a sweet liqueur finish. 

The delicious rush of lemon flavour is achieved by macerating fresh lemon rind in pure grape spirit. We’ve then added cane sugar to build and round flavour, finishing the liqueur at 20% ABV and bottling for a small batch, immediate, limited release.


Pour into a chilled sherry glass and garnish with a tiny sprig of fresh thyme. It’s also a wonderful addition to cocktails that incorporate sugar syrup (swap it out) and are lemon friendly; we use it in our house Whisky Sour at our Adelaide venue, Sparkke at the Whitmore.


Available in

500ml limited edition bottles

(Alc/Vol 20%) 

Product of South Australia

  •   Limited Edition of 60