Botanical Vodka 50mL Phial

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You’ll find a shimmer of the Adelaide Hills in our smooth, soft vodka which is also creamy on the palate. The delicate savoury and floral notes come from fresh botanicals that have been hand picked in family gardens. Olive leaf, rosemary and thyme are savoury and herbaceous, while fresh spring lavender provides a floral lift. Peppermint Gum cools, softens and rounds the vodka to allow for easy drinking straight up, on the rocks or in cocktails.

Most of the work in this infused vodka is done in the vapour basket, lifting fresh oils from the hand picked botanicals into the vodka as it passes through the column.

Bottle Size 700mL Alc/Vol 42%
Available in 50mL glass phials - perfect for gifts & tastings
Product of  South Australia

  •   Limited Edition of 60

Botanical Vodka & Soda

Once upon a time vodka was used primarily to drive up alcohol content without contributing to flavour, or to keep calorie counts low. Enter Botanical Vodka, which must not be confused with flavoured vodka (a just add flavour and go approach to making spirits), which is largely viewed as, well, unnuanced. Today, Botanical Vodka is emerging as a new category that is as sophisticated and nuanced as gin. And for those who do not necessarily enjoy the mandatory Big Four of gin (juniper, coriander seed, angelica root and citrus), Botanical Vodka provides a new and exciting experience.

With flavour and summer in mind, we wanted to hero our Botanical Vodka and Soda, low in sugar and now, at last, high in flavour. Of course, it’s perfect in a Martini as well.

The same rules for all premium spirits apply – premium soda, bountiful fresh ice, and quality garnishes genuinely matter.

At last, vodka has arrived.


High Ball or Tom Collins glass;
Lots of fresh ice
45mL Botanical Vodka
Top with premium soda; try Strangelove
Fresh lemon cheek
Fresh rosemary, thyme or lavendar


Chill your glass 6 minutes
Gather & prep garnishes
Grab your glass from the freezer
Fill your glass generously with fresh ice
Add your Botanical Vodka
Top with soda water
Generously squeeze lemon across glass
Add fresh sprig of rosemary m thyme or lavender

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