Orange & Bay Gin

Orange & Bay Gin

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To create this soft round gin that is a summertime tribute to the sweet heady oranges hand picked from trees in the back gardens of friends and family, we have heroed bay leaves.  On the nose, the scent of orange honeysuckle lifts out of the glass.

Green botanicals, including rosemary and thyme, are added into the pot and vapour basket elevating the fresh brightness from the orange as well as the rich spicy notes of the bay leaves. 

Savoury notes linger at the finish as the sweetness of orange falls away. If you are looking for the flavour of summer, you’ll find it in this luscious, citrus driven new gin.

Bottle Size 700mL Alc/Vol 41%
Available in 50mL glass phials - perfect for gifts & tastings
Product of South Australia

  •   Small Batch

Orange & Bay Neat

We really love sipping this gin on the rocks in a tumbler glass with a generous twist of fresh orange rind and a fresh bay leaf as it is pictured here, thought it doesn't set a very sessionable pace. Fortunately, for those of us who don't necessarily love the flavour profile of tonics, or its sweetness, but who like a longer drink, the rise of higher quality sodas now gives us the same world of choice that G&T lovers enjoy (and by the way, soda - zero grams sugar; tonic water approx 18 grams). And when a gin is as aromatic, nuanced and delicious as this one it works incredibly well with soda water. Win win. In any case, the garnishes will really pull out and elevate the sweet honeysuckle notes of fresh oranges.

If you do opt for a G&T, think about heading for the Capi Dry, and remember to play with a blend of soda and tonic in your mixer - that can also be delicious and a touch less sweet allowing more of the botanicals of the gin shining through.


30mL Orange & Bay Gin
Fresh Bay Leaf
Generous twist of fresh Orange Rind
Optional: top with soda


Chill a Tom Collins glass
Fill chilled glass generously with ice
Add 45mL of Orange & Bay Gin
Cut a generous section of fresh orange rind
Rub around glass rim and drop in
Garnish with a super fresh Bay Leaf

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