Red Amaro

Red Amaro

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Our contemporary South Australian Amaro gives a respectful nod to Campari and Aperol. It’s a jewel toned, balanced blend of citrus, herbs and florals.

Double distilled grape spirit has been gently infused with South Australian oranges, blood plums, Rosella and hibiscus flowers. Herbs including thyme and bay leaf, hand picked from the gardens of friends and family, add depth and support flavours that evoke a sense of place.

Finally, Gentian brings a lingering bitterness that balances the sweet finish and delights the Negroni obsessive as well as all those who embrace the bittersweet.

Another beautiful small batch offering bottled by hand in a limited edition.

Available in:

500ml bottles (Alc/Vol 20%)

Important note: Our beautiful all-natural, Red Amaro must be stored in a cool location and kept refrigerated (between 0-4 degrees) once opened.

Product of South Australia

  •   Limited Edition of 200