Green Olive Gin

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The flavours of this contemporary Mediterranean gin are drawn directly from the sunlit beauty of the South Australian coastline. Lush green olives, freshly picked leaves from coastal olive trees and flaked sea salt from the Spencer Gulf give rise to this dry, savoury gin.

Subtle, classic notes of citrus, coriander, juniper and angelica root are all added to the pot in distilling and join in the botanical bouquet. However this is unashamedly, even brashly, a Martini Gin. Whatever your preference - Churchill, Stirred, Dry, Wet, Dirty; and for Bond lovers, it even works superbly in a  Vesper Martini.

If you love Martinis or think you might, this one’s for you.

Available in:

700ml bottles (Alc/Vol 41%)
50ml glass sampler phial

Product of South Australia

  •   Small Batch

Make: Green Olive Gin Martini

According to cocktail lore, the martini arrived on the drinking scene in the mid to late 1800’s (the first recipe appears in the Bartenders Manual in 1888) as an evolution of an earlier, sweeter, Fancy Gin Cocktail. If so, it’s certainly gotten progressively drier, and more serious, ever since. And while the most notorious lover of a martini is 007, we’re less of a fan of Bond’s Vodka Martini, and not just because in his latest films James has taken to product placements in his choice of spirits. It’s more that by changing one ingredient in a drink that only has two (or three if you like 'em dirty) to begin with you inevitably alter the flavour. As Mittie Hellmich writes in the Ultimate Bar Book, a martini is “structured on the perfect botanical balance between gin’s juniper berry and dry vermouth’s herbal qualities”. Conversely, vodka, a deliberately smooth and neutral spirit, brings nothing to the party; the amendment to this is a high-quality botanical vodka. Here here!

There is no shortage of Martini options - Wet, Dry, Dirty, Stirred. Winston Churchill once famously said "I would like to observe the vermouth from across the room while I drink my Martini" no surprise then that the Churchill Martini is little more than gin straight up in a perfectly chilled glass. And while we do favour a dry Martini, we believe that, correctly paired, the vermouth can play into the aromatics in the gin. We use a vermouth that perfectly pairs with this gin that's been created in house by Rose. That will be available for order soon, in the meantime Rose recommends Dolin Dry.

Our Green Olive Gin was literally made for Martinis; it's delicate savoury and slightly salty. A sip takes you right to the ocean’s edge, and for those who love a dirty Martini - this is the perfect place to let your love for olives have free reign. Be sure to use beautiful fresh green olive brine for the occasion and select your olives with care - always whole and green; we favour Sicilian olives here.


60mL Green Olive Gin
7mL Dolin Dry Vermouth
One to three Sicilian olives


Chill your favourite Martini glass
Add Gin and Vermouth to a mixing glass
Stir clockwise for 10-15 seconds (to chill)
Ensure Martini glass is chilled & empty
Double strain & pour
Garnish with beautiful fresh Sicilian olive/s