Oak & Malt New Make

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Before a whisky has been aged in a barrel for two years, it’s a malt spirit that’s approachable and delicious in its own right. Our new malt spirit has been aged for a couple of months in oak barrels that once held Bourbon, Muscat and Apera (Sherry), bringing to life heady notes of apricot and orange, honey and fresh bread with a slight toastiness. 

With a light filter, experienced whisky lovers will be delighted to see barrel char residue, which naturally occurs when spirits are aged in re-coopered and charred oak barrels. For those new to malted spirits, think of the residue found in fine red wines.

Available in:

700ml bottles (Alc/Vol 50%) 
50ml glass sampler phials 

Product of South Australia

  •   Limited Edition of 300

Oak and Malt Sour

Our take on a classic whisky sour is one that's sweet, one that's sour, and one that also elevates the delicate flavours of our Full Circle Oak & Malt New Make. Perfectly balanced and classically simple or more complex depending on preference.

We use a house made syrup in this whisky sour recipe which we don't currently offer on this website (it's coming!). Many bartenders play with alternative sweeteners to increase the complexity of flavours. You should feel free to experiment with high quality, 100% natural rich and fruit based concentrated syrups, or liqueurs. We think that the juice from the Luxardo Maraschino Cherries that we recommend is particularly delicious. The fun is in the exploration!

Egg whites are designed to smooth out the whisky sour. We use Wonderfoam, a vegan egg white substitute. Most well stocked bottle shops now have this. If you're a traditionalist and want to use egg white, or you don't wish to use either, remember that it is all about you. All are perfectly good choices.

This classic whisky cocktail remains amongst the most popular in the world. It was first served in the mid 1800's and continues to be all about the balance of sweet and sour. So be sure you taste it before you serve it; if you want it sweeter, up the sugar syrup a little bit, or add, for example, some Maraschino cherry juice. If you want to dial up the sour, add more lemon juice. Experiment until it really is "just right" for you or the lucky person you are making it for.


45mL Oak & Malt New Make
20mL Orange & Earl Grey Syrup
5mL Sugar Syrup
20mL Lemon Juice
Optional: 5 drops of Wonderfoam or egg white
Slice of dehydrated or fresh orange
1 Luxardo Maraschino cherry


Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker
Dry shake for 10 seconds (shake without ice)
Add large scoop of ice, shake 10 seconds
Double strain into a rocks glass
Top with Maraschino cherry & orange slice

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