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We invite you to join a never-to-be-repeated whisky experience, created by a collaboration of talented craftspeople all motivated by a shared vision.

How the experience will unfold:

A journey in three parts

Join our Whisky program

Part One

The journey will begin with a 700mL bottle of our Maiden New Make, a crystal whisky tumbler, a plinth made of timber reclaimed from the Adelaide Hills bushfires of 2020 by artist Oakey, and a hand numbered, letter pressed certificate of authentication visually created by artist Amy Joy Watson - delivered to your door.

Rose will lead you in a guided tasting of the New Make that also sets the stage for our journey together.

Part Two

In approximately 18 - 24 months, when the maker decides the New Make is ready to share, you’ll receive a 200mL bottle as pictured above, before joining Rose in a tasting that explores the development of our whisky’s flavour, learning more about how the oak is shaping the final whisky.

You’ll receive quarterly updates, invitations to exclusive online seminars and whisky focussed cocktail classes.

Part Three

When the whisky is ready for release - likely to be another twelve to eighteen months along - you’ll receive one precious 500mL bottle of Full Circle Maiden Whisky. We’ll celebrate the culmination of the journey in our final guided tasting with Rose, where our journey will have brought us full circle

Our concluding event will again be offered online, and for those who can join us, we will provide the option of raising whisky tumblers face to face in Adelaide.

Join our exclusive journey of bespoke whisky:

Maiden Whisky Program

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A journey into flavour begins...

Our flavour journey begins with a rich unaged malt spirit, barreled for thirty days in Bourbon, Muscat and Apera Oak before bottling. It has already begun to show the promise of the whisky it will become. Think notes of citrus, fresh-cut hay, and bread dough on the nose with sweet nectar and Christmas cake spice along the palate. This is the Maiden New Make; you’ll receive one of only 300 bottles that we have set aside for participants.

Join our Whisky program

About the makers

Rose Kentish and Kari Allen co-founded Sparkke in 2016, creating one of the most recognised and award-winning for-purpose brewing companies in the world. Full Circle Whisky marks a new chapter in their history. This immersive whisky experience is the result of a collaboration between talented makers and provides a unique opportunity to share in the end-to-end journey of a premium bespoke whisky.  

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Who is this for?

This is an experience that’s designed to be shared with those who already know and treasure whisky, and for those who don’t. If you enjoy being swept away by the flavours of our country, seek out what is new, authentic and bespoke and feel empowered by learning from the hands of a master, this is for you. If you enjoy community, travel off the beaten track and value the journey as well as the destination, this is for you or someone that you care about.  

Join our Whisky program