Full Circle Phial Collection

Full Circle Phial Collection

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For the lover of artisanal and thoughtfully crafted spirits, the Full Circle Phial Collection is the perfect limited edition gift.

Featuring 5 beautifully packaged glass sampler phials nestled in recycled wood-wool, each one hand filled and labelled by our makers in South Australia. 

Our Full Circle Phial Collection includes:

1 x 50ml Lemon Thyme Gin

1 x 50ml Orange & Bay Gin

1 x 50ml Green Olive Gin

1 x 50ml Botanical Vodka

1 x 50ml Oak & Malt New Make

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Make: Lemon Thyme Gin & Tonic

The world’s most loved gin cocktail is the classic gin and tonic, a pairing of the bitter with the sweet. That said, there’s a world of choice, and your “ultimate” gin and tonic will be a matter of personal choice arrived at through tasting adventure and research. The journey to perfection is half of the fun. While this is our recommended pairing for our Full Circle Lemon Thyme Gin, we encourage you to explore the realm of flavour and choice.


30mL Lemon Thyme Gin
Capi Dry Tonic
1/2 sprig fresh thyme
Slice of fresh lemon


Fill your glass of choice with ice (We prefer a balloon glass)
Pour 30mL of Full Circle Lemon Thyme Gin
Top up with 180mL of Capi Dry Tonic
Garnish with 1/2 sprig fresh thyme
Sit fresh lemon wheel on the side of the glass